Blue Footed Booby Bird

Blue Footed Booby Bird on Camera


  • Its gender is unknown, though the one that appears in Pups and the Pirate Treasure may be female as it had some eggs in its nest.
  • It apparently doesn't like people taking its picture without asking as it attacks Francois Turbot (who just came up to the bird suddenly and took its picture) after he takes its picture, yet allows Cap'n Turbot (who approached it calmly and politely asked to take its picture) to take its picture and even poses for him.
  • It is extremely protective of its eggs as it attacked Cap'n Turbot when he approached it to take a photo of its egg. However it should be noted that Captain Turbot did not ask permission first as he had in Pups Save the Turbots.
  • As a result of their unpleasant first encounter in Pups Save the Turbots, Francois Turbot has apparently developed a fear booby birds as he disliked Cap'n Turbot's suggestion that more Booby birds might come live in Adventure Bay.
  • Though apparently unintentional, as a result of the Blue-footed Booby's attack on Cap'n Turbot lead to the discovery of Captain Blackfur hidden pirate cave which lead to the discovery of Blackfur's treasure map which lead the PAW Patrol finding Blackfur's pirate ship and treasure (which included a portrait of Blackfur revealing he was an English Bulldog pup).

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