• 548950

    Here's my bet:

    August 17, 2017 by 548950

    These 4 pups were in it for this summer's season of Big Brother 19.

    You won't know who they are to be made it but Chase, Marshall, Rocky, and Skye are in it to win.

    • Marshall - Alex
    • Rocky - Kevin
    • Skye - Raven
    • Chase - Cody

    Here's the thing:

    I want anyone but Cody winning Big Brother. I really hate him and his game. If he wins, I'm done for everything.

    Here's the bet:

    Bet: Entire PAW Patrol fandoms that I just invited to.

    If Cody wins (Chase wins), I'm quitting all of the fandoms, FOR GOOD!

    If anyone but him, I will remain the fandoms.

    I hope you will understand that. It's been 4 years but I have to do it in Big Brother for not letting me quit the PAW Patrol.

    Good luck and goodbye.

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  • Trakerjip

    this blog post ist just to say that is the  4th aniversary of PAW Patrol this week and also very soon will be the 100th episode so


       what you tink about ?

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  • Sapphire icestorm 15

    Hey, Paw patrol fans! Before we begin, I would like to apologize again for not doing puppy post last Thursday before I was busy redoing my room. A special announcement, since their is only 3 weeks left until school starts so I changing puppy post either Thursday after school, Friday after school or Saturday. I can puppy post on thursday either on early release or school break. Anyway, let's get started. Today i'll be talking about Chase. He's age is 7, the same age as Skye. His paw patrol member # is 2, his job is traffic cop pup and super-spy in season 2. He's the most mature and serious member of the group, he likes being loyal to ryder and play games with the other pups when their is no emergencies. Chase likes taking charge and is seco…

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  • Ianthegreatist

    my favorite pup

    July 14, 2017 by Ianthegreatist

    my favrite pup is chase since i like police dogs

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  • Sapphire icestorm 15

    Hey, Paw patrol fans! Sorry that I didn't do puppy post on Thursday because I was working on my fanfic for wattpad and I went to the pool. Anyway, today i'm going to talk about my favorite character, Skye. Let's get started. Skye is a cockapoo pup which is a mix between a cocker spaniel and a poodle. Her paw patrol member number is 4, she's 7 years old in dog years. Skye is an Aviation/Flying pup and the only female pup on the team, until in season 2 that everest became the newest member of the team.

    She likes flipping (which is her signature thing that she did throughout the paw patrol series), Ace Sorenson because she's a big fan of her and she's also kind of the reason why skye became a flying pup in the paw patrol. Also she likes small …

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  • TheLegoCat

    Here's Jim Gaffigan short.

    Ryder: Ok! Jim, get something Zuma can use from your 2017 Chrysler Pacifica.

    Jim: On it Ryder! (Takes a floaty out of the car and gives it to Zuma.)

    Ryder: Zuma, you and Rocky will go to the Flounder with your boats.

    Rocky and Zuma: On it Ryder!
    (Time card saying "After Cap'n Turbot got rescued".)
    Cap'n Turbot: Thanks pups! Especially you, Jim. That was you who portrayed Wally's Dad?
    Chase: Jim portrayed a walrus.
    Jim: No! I portrayed Wally Trollman's dad from another Nick Jr. show called Wallykazam!
    Ryder: Remember kids! Watch PAW Patrol and Wallykazam! on Nick and Nick Jr. (Ryder's phone rings. It's Katie.)
    Ryder: Hi Katie! What's wrong?
    Katie: Cali is stuck on my roof.
    Ryder: Don't worry! No job's too big! No pups too sma…

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  • Interstate2011

    Christian DiStefano (the voice of Alex) and Julie Lemieux (the vocal effects of Calli) both voiced preschoolers in Arthur; DiStefano started voicing James in Season 18 and D.W. in Season 20. Since then, that is. Lemieux, however, started the voice of Bud Compson.

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  • Venz412

    It's been awhile or Months since I discovered this Show. and I will tell ya why I enjoyed it and sometimes Applied in real life too.

    • Second Wikia to be administered or edited under SirBlaze
    • Used the Characters as Graduation Speech Insipirateion
    • Getting In love since I discovered it
    • Many references for my country
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  • Clippenga

    Bad Words On a Page

    June 23, 2017 by Clippenga

    Users placing bad words is #2 on "What I Don't Like" spot.

    When I looked on the Mayor Goodway page, Views06 put this in, "She's Rude as Heck! more like Mayor Badway!"

    Would any of my admins give Views06 a warning please?

    I won't mind if you delete it. As long I get the "Ryder's Calling!" badge.

    Thank you,

    Chris Lippenga

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  • KaylasPlayhouse

    I collect Paw Patrol Toys! These are my new toys (released Spring 2017)

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  • Gracekim12

    I have a question: Is this show good? I've heard of it but at the moment I watch the lion guard and MLP in terms of children shows aimed at younger children. So is PAW patrol as good as those would you say? I'm trying to decide if I should give this show a shot you see.

    I'm technically new here spo can you help me please?

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  • Ryn176

    We all know the air patroller is the paw patrol air Vehicle, But can it fly in real life? + Bonus part "is the air patroller really stealthy?"

    So, i have done a little bit of a research on the software "SimplePlanes", and as i expected the plane is not stabilized (i used my a340 and reshaped the stabilizers very small)

    The answer is.. Yes, under 430 MPH (i guess) ,But the plane isn't manuverable, because as you see, it has small stabilizers,and obviously, stabilizers stabilizes the plane, the airfoil is Symmetric and also, to lift it self off the ground (takeoff) it needs a big propulsion, or a big propeller, so that more air will be created and so the plane can liftoff, take a look at a V-22 Osprey, you see it has a big propeller, unless if…

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  • Tbrays30

    Hello, over the next couple of weeks SirBlaze, Myself, and MarshallsiAnjingBomba, will be partaking in a long term edit project where we are renaming all the gallery pages to a certain format that we agreed on. Due to the processes being specific we ask that you do not attempt to assist us unless you contact us first and we go over the process. Other users will most likely be assisting us during this time in the future.

    I'd also like to get a estimation of how many people have seen this, so if you can please vote on this poll below:

    Thank you for your cooperation.

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  • Sapphire icestorm 15

    Hey, Paw patrol fans! Today i'll be talking the 2nd themed gear in the series, mission paw. This gear was introduced probably in the later episodes in season 4. So, let's get this show on the road. The first time we saw the mission paw was on March 24, 2017. Along with the promo, we hear sweetie's theme song in the promo, which I have to say... I love it. Anyway, the pups gets this totally cool new pup gear with black being the base color while their main color is the secondary or "trim" color. For example....

    Chase: Glow-in-the-dark medium blue as chase's secondary color in his secondary gear ( According to Mission Paw: Quest for the Crown, Chase wears a tuxedo with his pup-pack and bow tie pup tag when he got invited by either the Princes…

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  • Sapphire icestorm 15

    Hey, Paw patrol Fans! As you all know that I doing a puppy post on the mission paw gear. Next week, i'll be doing the pups interactions. But, unfortunately due to the guidelines in this wiki and talking with Sir Blaze the other day, i'm not going to post the pups interactions next Thursday. Instead, i'll be posting it in so that way I can talk about the pups interactions with each other and not get my blog deleted. I'm very sorry for inconvenience about puppy post interactions. If you want to read puppy post interactions, then go to and go find me. Stayed tuned to find out more about next week's puppy post.

    This Sapphire Icestorm 15 saying when life give you lemons, roll wi…

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  • Sapphire icestorm 15

    Hey, Paw patrol Fans! Summer is finally here, and today I am going to be talking about a brand new gear that is coming out next month. As a bonus, I am going to talk about the new vehicle along with the gear. So, as you all know that there is going to be a brand new paw patrol episode special in July. In this new paw patrol episode the pups will go adventures under the sea, meet new characters, go to new places, and even meet a new puppy. Anyway, let's start shall we.

    I've seen the promo of the sea patrol and I saw the pups have new gear. This gear allowed the pups go under the sea for a mission, rescue or even a clean up under the sea. Each of the pups has the same light blue as a secondary color in gear but each pup has a primary color. F…

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  • Jjoe62.0

    It's great to do a blog and will  serve and protect this wiki                    

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  • Sapphire icestorm 15

    Hey, Paw patrol fans! This summer I going to be doing Puppy Post. Puppy Post is place where I talk about the characters, gears, locations, villains and certain occasions, talk about each of the pups interactions with the other pups. I'll try to see if I can post the first puppy post this thrusday. I'll give you a few hints on what my first post will be: "It's the paw patrol's 3rd themed gear from one of the pups, they'll have a new vehicle that can go for both land and sea, and it's a TV special that is coming next month. Which gear am I and from which pup is based off of?" If you know the answer, please write In the comment box. 

    This is Sapphire icestorm 15 saying let's dive in to Summer!

    Happy summer to everyone in the paw patrol wiki.

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  • BenjaminFox

    Paw patrol

    June 2, 2017 by BenjaminFox

    If you could be any member of the Paw Patrol, Who would you be?/

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  • BenjaminFox

    Chase's sneeze

    June 2, 2017 by BenjaminFox

    The best part about Chase is the way he sneezes. He has a very powerful sneeze. It never changes but it is the same. The episodes where he sneezes are: Pups Save a Sniffle (s2), Pups Save a Chili-Cook Off (s4),

    Pup-Fu (s2), Pups Save a Train (s1), Pup Pup Goose (s1), Pups and the Snow Monster (s1), Pup A Doodle Doo (S1), Pups Save the Queen bee (s2), Pups Save a Corn Roast (s2), Pups Save the Songbirds (s3), Mission PAW Quest For The Crown.

    There is a video on Nick.Jr entitled Chase's Case Of Sneezes. 

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  • BenjaminFox


    May 31, 2017 by BenjaminFox

    My fave member of the Paw Patrol is Marshall. He's funny and loves to play. He is the best FirePup on the team. He sure knows how to put out fires. But what I love about him is when he goes down the ladder on his butt and I bet that really hurts. I crack up every time he does that. 

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  • Pssmith2323


    May 28, 2017 by Pssmith2323

    It is almost over can't wait for summer Pups 

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  • SirBlaze

    Hello to my fellow PAW Patrol Wiki editors!

    Today I am launching the first wiki-wide vote on a move I've been wanting to make on our wiki for a long time.

    I've noticed that primary gallery pages such as Marshall/Gallery have been so badly flooded with images that the page creates severe lag for users such as myself. There are hundreds upon thousands of images on a single page such as the one mentioned, not to mention the constantly-growing list of separate sub-gallery pages such as Chase's Gallery/Pups Save a Floundering Francois.

    To minimize lag and maximize performance of our primary gallery pages, I want to remove all images on every primary gallery page for characters, and instead have each of the pages only contain the list of sub-galler…

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  • BeowulfDragonNightFury

    Hey there, anyone remember me? It's me, Beowulf. I think I've been away from this wiki for, I don't know, a year or two. And my goodness, this wiki has changed a lot since I last visited it. I recently took a look at my older blog posts, and I have one thing to say about it. CRINGE! What was I thinking back in 2015, I don't know, but what I can say is that I've changed. A LOT. Mainly, I've been absent because I've been working on important outside projects, but I'm back now, at least part time. I'll be mainly assisting with making .png edits of the pups, but I'll be making additional edits as I see fit. I'd like to thank everyone who has made this wiki look the way it is, and the admins for keeping this wiki safe and fun for everyone! I'll…

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  • PawPatrolisLife5

    Do you think you know everything about PAW Patrol? Well here's something you might not know...

    "For kids, PAW Patrol is a fun way to learn bravery and heroism, with exciting stories that never get too scary. Ryder and the pups also teach lessons about caring for animals, a message that is reinforced through PAW Patrol’s reallife partnership with the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals."

    Well now you know...

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  • Finnyrf212

    After we have 2 Episode of Mission Paw, I don't know it was Mission Paw last Episode or there is. This is my thoughts of Mission Paw will premiere in May 26th

    1.As well, I saw the summary of the Episode. Sweetie will across the world 

    2.To the point, Skye will 3rd time against Sweetie just like 2 episode but this is will awesome once again

    3.If Everest and Tracker will join Mission Paw ? I will say still no,maybe they will help the Paw Patrol to catch Sweetie.

    Ok,This is my all thoughts again sorry waiting you so long,Bye !

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  • CallOfPup569
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  • CallOfPup569
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  • Quin-liciousswag

    Back from Miami

    April 20, 2017 by Quin-liciousswag

    Yooooo, what is up PAW Patrollers? Quin-licious back in the house! I'm back from Miami, and boy was it a blast! Met some famous dudes 'n dudettes, got to play some swaggin' games, and had a great time overall! How's my favorite Dalmation been doing since I last checked in? I heard Misson PAW was jammin'!

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  • JDancer2017

    Ride of my Life

    April 18, 2017 by JDancer2017

    Most of you guys may be wondering, where is JDancer2017? Don't worry, I am not dead. I just haven't watched alot of Paw patrol for a while, plus it is hard to come up with information/trivia for the characters and the episodes. But I'll try my very best to contribute more. But still, Paw patrol forever. :)

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  • QueenSmile

    These were so true 

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  • RubbleLover1999

    hello guys I am a really big fan of Paw Patrol I saw Paw Patrol when it first came out you guys could tell that I am a really big fan of Rubble so I like all of the episodes that has rubble like "pups get a rubble" I love that episode Rubble is so cute when he was a puppy I also get all of the paw patrol dvd and all of the stuff animals of paw patrol even the dvds books and more but I really love making paw patrol photos and seeing paw patrol in my TV 

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  • Finnyrf212

    Dear all Wikia users,

    I will reveal my wikia in my Instagram in 1 month cause this is my chance to get 1K Followers on my Instagram and i need pray from all Paw Patrol Fans cause this is so important in next 1 month to go

    Sincerely Yours,


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  • Finnyrf212

    Well then after 2 days Mission Paw was premiere my thoughts was right check out my blog "All Thoughts About Mission Paw" so the poin 1 to 4 was right :

    1.Poin 1 : Correct,Skye fight against Sweetie

    2.Poin 2 : Correct,Barkingburg is in London

    3.Poin 3 : Correct,Their will get the pup-packs then Chase

    4.Poin 4 : Correct,Everest and Tracker don't join the Mission Paw

    So this is my thoughts is correct and next "All Thoughts about Mission Paw : Royally Spooked !"

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  • Finnyrf212

    Well then i will give my thoughts what is the prediction This Special Episode will premiere in 9 days to go and the thoughts was resources from me :

    1.Skye,maybe Sweetie will fight against her but to point is Skye is a Princess Pup cause her color eyes was different than any pups.

    2.Barkingburg Kingdom,it will locate in London cause England have a Big Ben,Castle,and big Bridge.Most Important from Canada to England it will took 2 days of flight when we use airplane.

    3.Pup-Packs,for this prediction Marshall,Rocky,Rubble,Zuma,and Skye will have 1st the Spy Pup Pack instead Chase only use Night Vision Goggles.

    4.Will Everest and Tracker join the Mission Paw with alongside 6 pups ?,but unfortunelly i will say no cause to pick up Everest and Tracker…

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  • Jcn35

    Air Patroller Debut

    March 15, 2017 by Jcn35

    You know how in the episode where the Air Patroller and the flight packs debuted, Skye says how super it is that she'll now have help during air rescues.  I have to wonder, did the writer include that piece of dialogue because of the fact when people first found out about the flight packs, they critizied the show for having this take away from Skye's ability? 

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  • PawPatrolno1fan

    Ok so ZumaChaseMarshall is actually a person I know from school but is not friends with. He kept telling me he was super pissed off because of the ban/block and asked me to fix it and I put the truth down! He was pretending to be me and I'm not female but he put my favorite classes, my periods in order and what grades I semi-had straight A's went to all A's and one B in Algebra which changed a day later back to an A. So yes I'm the straight A freshman (14) at Taft High School while he's a freshman in different classes but my first period class which is computer science. That's the only way I know the guy and he's also one of the many students that is in "love" with my Computer Science teacher (meaning deeply in love) and yeah. So don't bel…

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  • Finnyrf2001

    Maybe some any Paw Patrol fans says "Sweetie is the Princess Pup" But this is my prediction Skye is a Princess Pup.Maybe some people why Finny says that it's not fair Skye is Princess too let me give some reason why i said Skye is a Princess Pup.

    1.Only Skye have a different eye colors than other pups like Chase he have brown eyes or Rocky,Rubble,and Tracker have Gaia eyes.

    2.Sweetie has a same different color is a purple eyes and Skye has a magenta eyes

    3.But the theory is In Mission Paw Skye will fight against Sweetie to save the crown

    Ok,this is my prediction on Mission Paw : Quest for the Crown thanks for stopping by....and this is my 1st Blog !! On Paw Patrol Wikia

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  • Puppy lover733

    My ocd and adhd

    March 8, 2017 by Puppy lover733


    7:00-change baby sis tees diaper then hand her to mom and then I eat breakfast 

    7:30-pack up my stuff extremely careful not to leave anything behind

    7:35- put on toiletries (deodorant,brush hair, brush teeth)

    7:45-grab lunch for me and my little bro he's six (cutest fist grader ever)

    7:50-make bed

    7:55- put jacket on 

    8:00- out the door 

    Hope you liked it

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  • JSal2K17

    The Shack

    March 4, 2017 by JSal2K17

    If you are a fan of Gage Munroe please go check out his new movie The Shack in theatres. It opened today. I know, Gage would love the support from his Marshall fans. 

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  • MarshallsiAnjingBomba

    Viacom's Nickelodeon Northern Europe websites are listing the following episodes for Season 4 as of 28 February 2017:

    • 401: 91210-pups-save-a-blimp-pups-save-a-chili-cook-out
    • 402: 91211-pups-save-a-teeny-penguin-pups-save-the-cat-show
    • 403: 91212-pups-save-a-playful-dragon-pups-save-the-critters
    • 404: 91213-mission-paw-quest-for-the-crown
    • 405: 91214-pups-save-a-sleepover-pups-save-the-carnival
    • 406: 91215-pups-save-monkey-dinger-pups-save-a-wild-ride
    • 407: 91216-mission-paw-royally-spooked-pups-take-the-cake
    • 408: 91217-pups-save-the-flying-food-pups-save-a-ferris-wheel
    • 409: 91218-pups-save-dude-ranch-danny-pups-save-a-sleepwalking-bear
    • 410: 91219-mission-paw-pups-save-the-royal-throne
    • 411: 91220-pups-save-big-hairy-pups-save-a-flying-kitty
    • 412: 91221-pups…
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  • Puppy lover733

    Those teachers

    February 26, 2017 by Puppy lover733

    We have all had bad teachers.but I had one of the worst yet.last year ugh. So we have this thing in my old class room called red yellow green light and ,so if you were to misbehave you would go yellow that mean that you wouldn't get a stamp that day if you got twenty stamps on your card you would earn a fun privilege .so ok I'm waiting time .so we were at assembly and me and my friend were apparently " causing a distraction" so she's staring at us for like hmm probably a minute or so. And I just want to note that my mom was AT the assembly RIGHT NEXT TO ME! Now my teachers pretty chill so my old teacher talked to my teacher and she just shrugged and said, "well um I guess stop doing whatever your doing"so we stopped and after the assembly …

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  • Toadstool33

    Barkingburg looks very interesting and exciting from the preview I have seen. However, I would also enjoy that some underused characters like Fuzzy and Garbie get more screen time on the show. Barkingburg is a creative idea, it has a James Bond feel to it, as many have mentioned, but other than that, it still looks very exciting. It is a way to attract more people to PAW Patrol because this is a completely new twist on fairytales and the original show; there has been nothing like it in the other 3 Seasons. Fuzzy and Precious, along with Garbie and Bessie, are characters that we know almost nothing about because we have rarely seen them. If Spin Master and the writers were to release more episodes on them, we would get to know them better a…

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  • Janna2000

    New Username

    February 12, 2017 by Janna2000

    Hello, my fellow "PAW Patrol" fans!

    As you may have known, my username used to be "PokeTitansPatrolGo!." Well, I sent a request to the Fandom staff last night to change it to "Janna2000." I did this because I feel that it tells a little more about me than my old username (Janna is my real name, and I was born in 2000). But don't worry, I still love "PAW Patrol," I just got a username change. That's all.

    - Janna2000

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  • Trakerjip

    PAW Patrol episode 100

    February 12, 2017 by Trakerjip

    PAW Patrol is going to have 100 episodes. Episode 22 of season 4 will be the number 100 of the show, which you think would happen on it ?

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  • ZumaChaseMarshall

    I'm totally exicted for all the Mission PAW stuff I found on the PAW Patrol website to come out! and

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  • ZumaChaseMarshall


    February 12, 2017 by ZumaChaseMarshall

    I was wondering about Alex Thorne not being the voice of Zuma anymore but instead Carter Thorne being the voice will or does it sound any different?

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  • ZumaChaseMarshall

    Mission PAW

    February 10, 2017 by ZumaChaseMarshall

    I'm so exicted that Mission PAW is coming out soon in March! Expecially to see Sweetie and all the pups! I believe it's gonna be pawsome!!!

    Expecially the toys and everything else!

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  • Jcn35

    Andrew Guerdat

    February 5, 2017 by Jcn35

    First off, I think Andrew Guerdat is a wonderful writer.  His most recent episode he wrote was "Pups Raise the PAW Patroller".  Just like with the past episodes, he did a great job writing this episode for the most part.  The exception is the news interview scene in the beginning.

    First off, I don't get why Guerdat thought that having an audience for the news interview was necessary since it was just a news interview.  Second, I don't get why Guerdat, when writing that episode, decided to only have the audience respond so tepidly like they're at a golf match.  It makes no sense since the numerous rescues the Paw Patrol made are a pretty big deal.  Therefore, I think it would be nice if Guerdat would apologize to the viewers for this.  But h…

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  • Trakerjip

    Note this is my opinion about the Mission paw episode besed the toys, all the information its true and taken from toys, and i Know  maybe this dont apear inthe show but sometimes toys rebeal some upcoming thinks

    Posible  characters

    Besides  Swee tiethat been officially confirmed, in  Barkingburg there's the Earl,a Princess and her Royal cat. and  a ghost knight .

    Posible places of Barkingburg

    castle, Clok of Barkingburg,A bridge and a river.

    New vehicles

    my opinion

    acording wiht the book description and the toys:

    Chase is called to protect Barkingburg. Well at thispoint he is guard the royal coroun and apears a  ghost knight Chase Goes after him and at this point the mission is complicated and it is then when Chase asks his friends for help, then …

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