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The baby walrus pup is a young walrus, the child of Wally and Walinda.


The PAW Patrol and Cap'n Turbot first find out that Walinda is going to have a baby after Wally begins giving all of his food to her in "Pups Save Walinda." Several days after the discovery, Wally and Walinda appear with their baby walrus pup. The pups and Ryder celebrate the occasion by giving the pup treats and watching her perform tricks. In "Pups Save a Satellite", it is shown that the baby has matured and now bears a resemblance to her mother.

Various pieces of promo art and a storybook for the third season show the Baby Walrus Pup getting stranded on ice and needing to be delivered to Walinda by the PAW Patrol. It is unknown if this episode idea was scrapped or if it will be in the fourth season.


Like her father, the baby walrus pup enjoys jumping out of the water and playing. She is shown to be fond of squid jerky and fish-shaped treats. Her bark is squeaky and high-pitched, unlike those of her parents.


In Season 2, the pup is mostly a light pink color. She has dark purple eyebrows and three strands of purple hair on her head. Her eyes are light purple. She is not old enough to have tusks yet.

In Season 3, the baby has matured and grown tusks. She still has the same hair and face, but her color is more similar to Walinda's.

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