Alex Porter

That's SO Cool!


  • Alex is the grandson of Mr. Porter.
  • Alex became an honorary member of the PAW Patrol in "Pups Save Alex." However, it is unknown if Ryder was just playing along with him or if it was legitimate.
  • Alex owns a treehouse. It is colored orange and blue.
  • Alex was afraid of the dentist, like Chase, in "Pups Save a Toof." Their fears were resolved in the same episode.
  • He is the first human character to ride in a PAW Patrol vehicle (Marshall's firetruck).
  • In "Pups Pit Crew", Alex builds a box car racer out of duct tape and old restaurant stuff which he calls his "Super Trike". The PAW Patrol and Ryder help Alex rebuild it after it breaks apart. In "Pups Great Race", he uses it in the race against the PAW Patrol and ultimately manages to win the race (though to be fair the pups had to leave during race to save Mayor Goodway and Chickaletta).
    • When riding his Super-Trike or participating in activities like snowboarding Alex wears a yellow helmet that resembles a duckling (or baby chick).
  • In "Pups Save a School Day", Alex has a red backpack shaped like a dog's head.
  • His first mission deploying as an honorary PAW Patrol member takes place in "Pups Save a Playful Dragon"; his gear is a jet pack and his pup tag is an open white hand in a blue background.

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