Air Pups

AP 11


  • This is the second episode to have a name change. Originally, some sources called this episode "Pups Take It to the Sky". The first episode to have a name change was "The New Pup", which was originally named "PAW Patroller Special".
  • This is the 9th 22-minute episode.
  • This is the 3rd episode in the series without the title starting with "Pup(s)", with the other two being "Circus Pup-Formers" and "The New Pup."
  • Each pup was given Air Rescue gear from Ryder, including:
    • Marshall: A winged jet pack with attached water cannons.
    • Rubble: A hoverboard (similar to a surfboard) with propeller blades on the sides.
    • Chase: A glider with jets.
    • Rocky: A jet pack equipped with a hover mode ability.
    • Zuma: A waterproof jet pack with a scuba diving mode.
    • Skye: A super-fast winged jet pack with a glider attached.
  • Chase was the first pup to actually wear and use his gear.
  • In one scene, Francois Turbot refers to Cap'n Turbot as Horatio, his actual first name.
  • The pups listen to Ryder's directions on the beach for the first time.
  • The Pup Park is revealed to be right next to Adventure Bay's bridge.
  • A reference to the game Barrel of Monkeys is made when Francois Turbot is seen hanging from a tree branch with the monkeys.
  • Chase digs with Mandy and other monkeys. This is one of the first instances to where someone else helps a pup dig.
  • Ryder goes in for a rescue with his air gear for the first time.
    • He also got a kiss on the cheek from Mandy for it.
  • The PAW Patrol's deployment background music had a slight extension. This is a rare occurrence in the series.


  • During the rescue, Ryder seems to know Randy's name, yet the only ones who heard Captain Turbot name him "Randy" were Captain Turbot, himself, and Francois.