Air Pups

AP 2


  • Marshall: "Sorry, Alex. Next time, Duck!"

  • Marshall: "Oh, hi, Chase!"

  • Ryder: "Actually, it's a flight pack, and Chase isn't the only lucky pup!"

  • Zuma: "Just what I always wanted, but didn't know I wanted!"

  • Skye: "This is super Ryder! Now I can have help during extra hard air rescues!"
  • Ryder: "But there's one more new jet pack Skye!"
  • Skye: "But. I already have wings!"
  • Ryder: "Not like this you don't."

  • Marshall: "I'm still the pinball wizard."

  • Rubble: "Nice! I always wanted a high rise pup-house!"

  • Rubble: "But. Ha. I'll take a rig by the beach instead."

  • Chase: "Safe to hop down now, Francois."

  • Francois: "That is okay, but person I think I prefer the beret."

  • Zuma: "Woah! And I thought Rubble racing to dinner was fast!"

  • Chase: "One mom!"
  • Marshall: "And one... Woahhhh... Teenage monkey."

  • Rubble: "I'm going to need more time, Ryder. Hey. Ha, Lava slow down!"

(Monkeys laughing and playing.)

  • Cap'n Turbot: "That crazy capuchin thinks he's a captain!"